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Jason Fried, a frequent contributor to Inc. Magazine, runs the tech company 37signals. In a profile about his company and his work habits, he says: I like to read in the middle of the day, to give myself a break. … Continue reading

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The Baker

In gathering all of Carver’s stories, including early sketches and posthumously discovered works, The Library of America’s Collected Stories provides a comprehensive view of Carver’s career as we have come to know it… But it also prompts a fresh consideration … Continue reading

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cloy /kloi/ verb. disgust or sicken (someone) with an excess of sweetness, richness, or sentiment: a romantic, rather cloying story/ a curious bittersweetness that cloyed her senses/ [intrans.] the first long sip gives a malty taste that never cloys ORIGIN … Continue reading

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A fair comparison

This reminds me of this.

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A Revision

According to its submission policy, the majority of McSweeny’s website submissions are generated from perfect strangers, just normal people who have something to say. My submission was called “An Open Letter to the Downstairs Neighbor who Threatened Me in the … Continue reading

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