The Quick

Quick/kwik/adj., adv., & noun

adj. 1 taking only a short time (a quick worker & a quick visit) 2 a. arriving after a short time, prompt (quick action, quick results) b. (of an action, occurrence, etc.) suddenly, hasty; abrupt 3 with only a short interval (in quick succession) 4 lively, intelligent 5 a. acute, alert (has a quick ear) b. agile, nimble; energetic 6 (of a temper) easily roused 7 archaic living, alive (the quick and the dead)

n. 1 the soft flesh below the nails or the skin 2 the seat of feeling or emotion (cut to the quick)

be quick act quickly quick fire 1 (of repartee, arc) rapid 2 firing shots in quick success a quickfix a hasty remedial measure not taking account of long term consequences quick one colloq. an alcoholic drink taken quickly quick tempered quick to lose one’s temper; irascible quick trick Bridge 1 a trick in the first two rounds of a suit with no trumping 2 a card that should win this

Oxford English Reference Dictionary


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