Jason Fried, a frequent contributor to Inc. Magazine, runs the tech company 37signals. In a profile about his company and his work habits, he says:

I like to read in the middle of the day, to give myself a break. I don’t read fiction. I find it a waste of time. There are so many amazing things that are real; I don’t need to spend any time on a made-up story.

I completely agree. Also, I only look at paintings about real things. I don’t need to waste my time staring at what some painter saw in his head. Landscapes and portraits, now that’s the stuff. Picasso, Kandinsky, Goya, forget it. I’m like, get me out of here. But I did discover this one guy, Andy Warhol. Real things. That’s where I’ll learn something.

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One Response to Fiction

  1. Suzy G. says:

    Is this can of tomato soup the last we shall see of the intrepid blogger O’hara-Plotnick? ?

    It would be a loss to the Internets too clogged with painfully unfunny, not insightful, please-run-my-mind-through-a-paper-shredder blogs.

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